[Calling All Promo Fanatics] Treasure Slips

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  1. Hey all,

    Does anyone know the approximate amount of treasure slips in existence? I'm extremely interested in buying one and I want to know how much I'll have to pay to get my hands on one. If you have one/know someone who has one, I'd really like for you to let me know.
  2. Is there a lore on them? Just asking
  3. AFAIK there was only one confirmed to still be in existence and the owner is definitely not selling (assuming they haven't left by now, they were fairly low key and this was over a year ago).
  4. The ones I know of so far are chickeneer and Acemox2k
  5. There is, but very little is known about them. I believe the lore says redeem to Maxarias for an additional vault page
  6. treasure slips?
  7. If you're talking about treasure vouchers, I've seen quite a few of the paper versions. The empty map versions are the really rare ones, but both are hard to buy because people aren't willing to sell.
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  8. It's by far the most rare voucher in existence. Existed for an extremely short amount of time before the EMC Treasure Voucher. It's the same thing as a vault voucher, and it prompts you to contact aikar or maxarias to redeem the vault page.

    I'm looking for the empty map version. Do we have any idea how many of them exist?
  9. Acemox2k is the only person I know of that has one and I'm pretty sure he found his in the wild. I've been offered almost 7 mil for an item that there are 8 of. So, my guess is that it would be at the very least, 10 mil.
  10. Chin has ine in her iriginal res mostlinely wont sell doe
  11. What is it with you and bumping old threads with content that doesn't make sense or add to the conversation?
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  12. This one didnt have the red text saying not to bump, so im perfectly fine
  13. You're really not. Just because the red text isn't there doesn't mean it's fine to bump. Are you even sure Chin has a treasure slip?
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  14. Yep its on her original smp5 res

    Also u selling a freedom blade i want one for pvp
  15. That is a treasure VOUCHER. Please read something even at all before posting
  16. K how about the freedom blade
  17. . . . . . .
  18. Nice catch.

    I'm still confused on the difference, but w/e.
  19. What i want one
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