Calling all Pixel artists!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eclipsys, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Greetings EMC!

    I'm in dire need of a pixel artist who is good at making big pixel arts!

    I'm looking for a person to design a nice ceiling pixel art for a building of mine.

    I'll pay 20,000r for his/her services :D

    Please post below if you're interested!
  2. Tell me what U want done and Ill see if I am capible. porphyrian. n cartoon.png <- I did this
  3. I'm interested... I'll show some of my later in the day, since I'm using an IPod :p
  4. I'll do it for you.
    That's just a drawing, not pixel art.
  5. I need a ceiling for 207. Take a look :p
  6. Can't check now, at school :/
  7. lol the potion particles in the second one :p
  8. Ye, I have like speed XXX :p
  9. Could you try making a starry sky with a moon? A bit like in a church/chapel?
  10. How big do you want it?
  11. For size go to /V 207 and jump down . It should fit into the hole with the dark oak/birch line
  12. bumpy for this ;D?
  13. Almost forgot about this >.> Going to start doing it...
  14. Do you mean this part?
  15. yessir
  16. what kinds of things do u want made
  17. I'm looking for a pixel art ceiling at /v 207. It should be something with clouds and a sun or stars and a moon (so either day or night depiction) :D