Calling all Photoshopers!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lntra, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I need a picture to my signature... I will give you *cought* 20 diamonds *cough* for the best one...
    Here are the rules...
    1. Have it lime green as the letters for "CreppaNinga235"
    2. Make it a little nethery and Endy :p
    3. I want a "twist" to this...

    I will think about other rules....
  2. It's 15 diamonds! Who DOESNT want that?
  3. lol make it 20 people will come
  4. Made it 20!
  5. 24? C'mon guys!
  6. I see Pandas name in tiny white letters. :p
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  7. Im not photoshop handy. what if i take a picture of a giant pixel art instead? im gonna post 1 either way :p
  8. Lol well yeah, most people put their name on things so others don't steal it or something? See? I do it on my stuff.
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  9. 2012-07-26_23.18.38.png
    My pixel art for you. :) There is also a magma cube, nether portal, end portal, nether fortress, obsidian tower and endermen for you :D Enjoy and let me win :p! Uhhh.... you may wanna crop this a bit though :p
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  10. Anybody else?
  11. New Rulez!

    [*] Put a blaze head in the nether side and place a Enderman head on the other side.
    [*] Add "Collided Fortress Blue, "smp2" Yellow, and "3004" Green...[/LIST]

  12. Aren't I awful?
    EDIT: I didn't even follow the instructions!
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  13. Off Topic: did u really find a quad blaze spawner?
  14. A griefer broke 2 of them so I got a 2x right now :(
  15. I wouldn't worry about people taking a forum signature and trying to sell it.
  16. Agreed. I wouldnt sell my sig!
  17. Creeperninja(insert numbers here)
    Do I win?
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  18. I wasn't worried about anyone selling it, just meant people taking things and claiming they did it.