Calling all Grammer Nazis! [Group]

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  1. All of you people are just so very cute, with your need to stop bad grammar. Sadly, bad grammar is part of life, one of which you can't escape no matter how hard you try. I actually started out with terrible spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I was then, in the 7th grade, called to participate in a spelling bee, so I read the dictionary 5 times.. Then I proceeded to read my little grammar handbook, and it appears to have stuck. I believe I am a rare case, as I see people who are older then I am (*CoughAikarCough*), that I correct daily. :D:p
  2. Well Aikar's a programmer, If it isn't FunctionOnInteract they'll miss spell it.
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  3. In Dutch there arema few words at the end of the sentence, it is hard to explain in English, but almost everyone is saying it wrong.
  4. That's what compilers are for.
  5. I would, but you use very strange capitals. In the subject line of this, the word "Grammar" has a capital "G". What is the reason for that?

    Ignorant to? What do you mean? Probably, you mean "ignorant of" - which is still poor grammar.

    That is a very difficult sentence to parse, because of your - ahem - 'inventive' use of "anything". You probably want to explain that, calling the group "Grammar Nazis" (sic) is more insulting than any other thing I can think of.

    Except, that is not true. Moving back to the actual content - there are a great many things that are more offensive. Many of them, you cannot state here, because mods would remove the posting.

    Calling people a "Nazi" is not big, and it's not clever; but it isn't the worst thing imaginable.

    Again, why the strange capitals? Also, I see you used a double-hyphen; is there any reason for that?

    Why did you begin the follow-on sentence with a capital (with "--To")?

    I also suggest that "pandemic" might be preferable to "epidemic", in this instance, because you are talking about a multinational issue.

    Full-stops (or, as Americans call them, "periods") would be nice.

    Why are you using a capital "H" there?

    The odd capitals are annoying. And what is "Ex:"? You probably intended to put "e.g."

    Unnecessary capitals are unnecessary.

    The correct spelling here is "grammar", not "grammer". The hyphenation is incorrect. The whole structure is clumsy (to say the least) ; with all your might (ie maxima) coupled with partially makes for a very awkward sentence.

    a) "Do not correct people". Not "Don't be".
    b) "left and right everywhere" is tautological.
    c) "politely" is spelt incorrectly.

    Please don't 'shout' (all-caps).

    If only.
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  6. Nice work :D
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  7. Ready are you not, my young Padawan -Yoda
  8. O.O too many grammer mistakes - - - Can not - proc - ess
  9. Spelling mistakes to.
  10. As I have tried and failed completley and being humliated by the community for a 9th grader's grammar. I am closing this group because people can and will make mistakes.
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  11. I thought it was a noble idea. But you can't deny the inherent humor in making grammatical mistakes in a thread calling for proper grammar.

    Frankly, I wouldn't worry too much about grammar. If you use proper grammar, then kudos. It's when you point out other's mistakes, that feelings can get hurt. Some people might not like their mistakes pointed out to them, because they may take it the wrong way. They might see it as a "I'm smarter than you" attitude.

    So I say, fun idea, but in the end it would probably just cause a lot of real fighting.
  12. Maybe you didn't mean it this way, but I thought a thread designed to get a bunch of Grammar Nazis checking each other's posts was a stroke of genius.
  13. typing too fast :p
  14. Dis dun did be de most outrageious'd Idear I has ever hear in ma live!
  15. Hey Tehwafflez you hate me? How do you feel about this?

    Hey what r u doing 2night?
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  16. im doin nun at all hbu?
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  17. All these grammar nazis are slowly killing me...
  18. I beenz gud, how was u?
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  19. just gotz out of wrk u know making that monayy
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  20. Mc i beee playin