Calling all Grammer Nazis! [Group]

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  1. Hi everyone! I know we all hate people who are ignorant to the regular rules of the English writing. You see them in-game, in the forums, and maybe IRL. To fight this I am making a group/ movement to stand up to these lazy people. It will not be called the Grammar Nazis as that is more of an insult than anything.

    The group will be called The Grammar Owls --To show your support of this ongoing epidemic you can do several things:

    1. Put an Achivement Get! in your sig

    2. Put a Hashtag showing your support

    Ex: #GrammarFTW OR #GrammarOwls (Get creative with it)

    3. Get Creative with it :)

    To be in this group you MUST:
    -Try with all your might to use at least partially good grammer.
    -Don't be correcting people left and right everywhere in a mean manner; just point out polietly.
    -You SHOULD put some sort of thing in your sig. to show support

    Long Live Grammar!
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  2. Will you be at war with the spelling nazis? XD

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  4. LOL Sabre beat me to it.
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  5. Oh yes we will my friend.. We will be like the Russians showing up at the Nazi Capitol Building and trashing up the place with outstanding grammer! Huzzah!
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  6. I just wanted to highlight the hilarious irony. :)
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  7. Do not like this i do not. -Yoda
  8. *Grammar
  9. Spotting the mistake(s) in your post would be needed to apply for the group I guess?
    To bad bonesabre already spoiled it ;P

    ps. I hope you guys stand against all 'CAPS' aswell, as it is not grammatically correct.
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  10. There's still a good one left if you want to claim it. By the way, it's "Too".
  11. so where is jkjkjk he would love this XD he always criticizes me!

    EDIT: Also dont forget that this is the internet and that true grammer isnt really needed :/ i know that it helps A LOT but i try comma's and full stops. I hate it when people do a whole paragraph for a business or something no caps no full stops no commas!! Then they want people??
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  12. *Grammar!
  13. Lol, now there are grammar ads EVERYWHERE on this page lol
  14. You might want to avoid this thread.
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  15. Yeah, lol :/
  16. Would that be all? (I corrected all the 'mistakes' I could find, and made them bold)
  17. Its the Grammar Hammer! Lol
  18. You forgot to fix the banner things and 3 more Grammers
  19. I'm going to have a tricky as hell job correcting this, But here I go. Start time 17:22.

    So where is Jkjkjk he would love this thread he always criticizes me and my grammar!

    EDIT: Also don't forget that this is the internet and that true grammar isn't really needed. I know that it helps A LOT but I try to use commas and full stops. I do hate it when people write a whole paragraph for a work or something and they have no no capital letters, no full stops and no commas, then they want people to use them?[/quote]

    Sheesh! 17:28