Calling All Good Builders. Plots Available in East Oak.

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  1. Hello! I'm wildbeast23, Mayor of East Oak, a town in the Estonan Federation (Estona) in the East Frontier on smp9. Over the last year I've been building up the town ready for eventual opening to other citizens to join. I've just begun marking out some plots for anyone who may want to join me out here!

    I've added a map of the town below. All amenities are for the use of citizens as long as they respect the rules of Estona and of course, of EMC. I've currently marked out 4 plots ready for building houses. Only thing is, being that I have a relatively high level of pleasing aesthetics and architecture in East Oak it would be great if any houses you build are of a similar high quality :) East Oak has (amongst other things); an automatic oak tree farm, 3 well kept mines, various farms, access to many other East wilderness outposts (through land and nether), and a dark oak tree farm.

    Anyone thinking of joining me out here, please contact me on this thread or in game. I would rather it if you were already relatively well-established on Empire Minecraft but this is not obligatory!

    The link to the Estona thread is here:
    and if you have any questions post below or contact me directly.

    Thanks for reading,
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  2. I would love to come but not after my last adventure in the frontier while venturing to my outpost. Thank god they got a nether rail.
  3. Well, if you change you're mind, you know where I am :)
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  5. Looks like a good spot you got out there. Sorry but I'm already a important member of another outpost :)
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  6. hey this looks kinda cool I belong to carthaga could I be with both o u? if so do u got NR?
  7. Can't see why not! If you're talking about the defunct New Republic, Estona was never part of it.
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  8. Like I said, plots available! :)

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  11. hey I really like ur outpost, would u mind giving me a few pointers/tips? I am about 2 weeks into an op but I don't want to miss any thing. if ya got time :)
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  12. Things should be going down here soon! We have your blessing to make this into a collab city right?
  13. Yes, but please get in touch with me about what would be built and where! :)
  14. A lot of progress recently at East Oak. Looking for decent players who are good builders to add to to the town with their skills and possibly live out here in East Oak (Estona). PM or reply if interested :)
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  15. I would love to come join!
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  16. If either wildbeast23 or I catch you online we would be happy to help you out there :)