Calling all FEMALE players

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  1. hello all minecraftians! slyfox is trying to host "the trololol games (the hunger games) and he needs YOU to participate! click -here- to join!*

    *only female slots are open, and not for all servers
  2. I thought this was going somewhere else....
  3. With that title how could you not
  4. Well, I already signed up for my lamb-to-the-slaughter spot...
    Anybody want to teach me the basics of PvP?
  5. Walk in, kill, walk out.
  6. marg, i will! come by smp2 tomarrow!
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  7. It's more of a watch and learn leaning thing.
  8. Unfortunately, being a denizen of EMC, I haven't had much opportunity to "watch and learn", or to lean, for that matter. ;)
  9. Yes, we'll I have PvP experience and I could teach you on the weekends.
  10. I also was hoping for a new waifu thread.
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