Calling all builders

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  1. I need a back wall to my shop on Smp5 (11005) I Am having trouble Coming up with one, So I will hire someone to do it for me :D I will provide the materials. If many of you would like to do this I will pick the best

    Okay here are the requirements:
    • Must have experience in building
    • CAN NOT be just a solid wall
    • Must include lots of windows
    • Smooth sandstone and glass ONLY!
    • Last, Do not steal!
    I will be paying 2k If you include sample, 1.5k with out sample

    If you have time Could you show a smaller sample, either that you made in creative or on your own res.
    Thank you
  2. maybe something like this all the way

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  3. I like it :D
  4. That's too cheap for my crew, think about offering a higher price
  5. Depends How good it is
  6. Also, I am supplying the items
  7. Yeah, I know you'll provide items. What timeframe are we working in?
  8. 13470 is our first build...
  9. Very nice, How much?
  10. ill do the what I did in the photo for just 2000
  11. Tomorrow?
  12. sure i think I can start at 3:00 ct
  13. Alright Pm me then
  14. How much space do we have?
  15. Look at 11005 back wall Smp5
  16. Ask volt for a lava wall. They do wonders.
  17. I've heard he's good at those :DDD