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  1. Hi there, my name is Jim and my handle is Call_Me_DeJaja (also on PSN if any of you play PS3).
    I'm new to the server, (about a week or 2) AND to MC. I got MC about a month ago and have been hooked on it ever since. I started with just playing survival Single Player, and then started trying mulitplayer.

    At 1st mutliplayer was VERY confusing.. I pretty much stumbled my way into finding server addresses and trying them. After awhile I found a small Vanilla server that I really liked, unfortunately, that server seems to be closing down... after that I discovered EMPIRE.

    I have to say, considering how BIG this server(s) is, it is very neat. Other servers that had a lot of players were mass confusion logging on the first time, and their main town spawns were complete chaos. But here, everything was very easy to understand and, again, very neat and orderly. And I LOVE the live map.

    I'm 31 and live in Minneapolis MN. Im an avid gamer and a military vet.

    My residence is on SMP6 @ 12039

    Look forward to meeting more of you!

    Oh, BTW... My name (and profile picture) is from something that happened to me in Iraq.... It's a long story, but the end result was getting the nickname Dejaja... which (basically) means chicken in arabic. :)
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  2. Oh God, it's worse than I imagined over there. Modifying humans into chickens! D:

    Just kidding. Thanks for doing what you do for our country.
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  3. Glad to have another veteran, I was Navy myself :)
  4. Welcome to EMC! I canz knowz storyz, rightz?
  5. Well Sure! Just stop with the "z" speech thing. I dont get it... I know its some internet thing, but I dont understand it and it makes me visualize a mentally challenged person is talking!

    PS love portal 1+2

    Basically, while I was in Iraq, I fought the main enemy, boredom, 24/7. One of the ways I did this was picking up arabic from the Iraqi Correctional Officers (ICO's), our mission was Detainee Ops. Most of these ICO's spoke less english then I spoke Arabic, so it was usually a crazy game of charades to have a conversation with them. One day I was talking to like 5 of them, and was trying to explain that I was a marine, and that marines were called "Devil Dogs".. it turned out this was harder than I thought it would be. While pantomiming a "devil" they told me the arabic word for that was "dejaja". Not only was that word fun to say, it was also acurate to claim I was "dejaja" because I was, indeed, a devil-dog.

    Unfortunately, as I would later discover for a linguist, dejaja is NOT the word for devil... shadaan is the word for devil. Dejaja was the word for "chicken".... well, actually "deetch" is a rooster. "dejajid" is a hen and "dejaja" hens...plural. But it was way too late to realize my mistake, I had been saying "Ani Dejaja" for days to all the ICO's thinking I was saying "I am the devil" when I was actually saying "I am hens". Woops. It stuck. The whole tour.
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  6. Lawl and sorry about doing the Z thing.
  7. M y
    A ss
    R ides
    I n
    N avy
    E quipment

    Dad's a 34 year retired Lt CMD.. I did 8 years in the marines, and currently doing 6 years in the Army National Guard. Other then pulling their legs every once in awhile, I have the utmost respect for sailors... lived with them for a year on ship. Two 6 month MUEs... USS Wasp amd USS Saipan. I was on the Saipan when the USS Cole got bombed in Yemen.
  8. No worries man! Just giving you grief, haha. From the little Ive looked in the forums, Ive seen you name a few times. You must be a very active member here!

    BTW, your GIF made me visit, where I spent like two hours last night! pages 1 through 46 in one sitting!! Couldnt find yours though.. or the video it came from.... u got a link?
  9. Somewhat... Most of my post were questions from my early days. Mixed in with some random crap. Also, is it just me, or does Minecraft attract lots of Vets?
  10. Saw your reply in the "offering a reward for 2 griefers" thread recently... which was one of the threads I read yesterday.

    Uhm.. yeah, I guess so..vets and younger kids, lol. I have to remeind myself that most of the ppl I interact with are most likey young kids, and that I should act accordingly... you know like not get into a grade school name calling match! And to watch my language, which is hard for marines/sailors.

    Also, the military has a way making you become comfortable with solitude, and I think ppl who are used to being away from home and alone just naturally find 1 of 4 things: God, Alcohol, the Gym, or Video Games. Thats how I explain it, lol. Personally, Ive been a video game geek my whole life, the military just made it worse. :)
  11. Can I get a high five for chicken people?
    My user came from the fact that I own, raise, and show chickens (which doesn't leave me a ton of time for MC). I was having a hen incubate an egg once, and, when I came in a few weeks later to see if it had hatched, I found two baby chickens. It turns out that this was a one in 10000 instance where more than one chick came from a single egg. Those two roosters look and behave EXACTLY the same, ergo they are the twin chickens. And my lucky number is 86, so I don't think that needs much explanation.
  12. DUDE! NOT COOL! I always get confused when you're online and people start saying: chicken this and chicken that, I always think maybe there's an arabic speaking player trying to get my attention!! lol

    **Virtual High Five Awarded**
  13. Well, at least this is on a thread where you have openly declared how your username came to be.
    And, your avatar is a chicken...
  14. Hey when i get on next saturday (temp ban) Ill give you some stuff if you still need any. Ive got a stack of nether warts, and building materials if you want em'
  15. Wait, was that to me? Or Dejaja?
  16. I can only hope your ban was not for something like griefing... :confused:

    As for your items, I appreciate the offer, however I like to stick to harvesting/ buying my own supplies! :)
    Its kind of a personal rule, as my PS3 clans motto states "The hard way or NO way." I like knowing everything Ive built/made was earned. If you want to adventure in the nether or go mining though, Id be up for that. Again, thank you for the offer! I bet TwinChickens will take anything you have to give away!
  17. Welcome to the Empire.
  18. Thank you..... uhm.... are you like HAL 9000?
  19. I do appreciate giveaways, but I don't like to get too much for free. There is the factor of amazement in the fact that, if you make a giant creation or something, that the person who made it had to gather up all the stuff to make it.
  20. True dat, it was for a bad attitude. I hate people who undercut prices to make like 1 rupee lol. As for Twin, he's my neighbor so lol. I DO like getting stuff for cheap and for free, as well as harvesting because I'm a money saver.