~~ Call Of Duty Ghosts ~~

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    yeah sucks that I live in the us and get it later :(
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  2. *Elitist Anti-COD statement typical of me*
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  3. Staying home from school...
    I expected that...
    At least from EMC...
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  4. haha I'm not that exited either ;)
  5. Just finished the campaign
  6. I've played it for a bit and it's alright, I just don't like that the multiplayer requires less skill but more of a better eyesight to succeed in it. :)
  7. Yeah, its not like Blops 2 cause in that its SO much easier to spot the people youre trying to kill
  8. I really enjoy playing it, but the spawn are really bad.. Also, I don't like how you rank up so slow :)
  9. I like the slow ranking up - makes it feel more rewarding when you are a high level
    The spawns aren't terrible, but there have been times where it wasn't in my favor.
    You don't need exacty good eyesight but it helps, the game is less skill and more luck based, but it gives you something towards.
  10. They are terrible mostly when you don't want them to be terrible..
    I had 31-1 score. Then I died once because of the bad spawns.. Then twice, and so on. I ended up 40-7..
  11. Battle field 4 fan here...