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  1. Well EMC, Call of Duty Ghosts comes out tomorrow at midnight, I plan on going to the midnight release with some friends and not going to school tuesday to play it :p ( #nolife ). I am getting it for Xbox so if anyone wants to play it with me or just add me on Xbox to play any other games my gamer tag is Ripple Daze!
    Come play with me and let me know what you're looking forward to in this installment in the COD series.
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  2. I can not wait.
  3. wow sam lol im pre ordering it :D
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  4. I was more excited for BF4, but yeah, I guess this is exciting as well :p Not sure when I will be getting it.
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  5. i reckon bf4 will be much beter but its cod its fun excepe when people use the sub machine guns and have no skill just put rapid fire and you end up 5 kills to 30 deaths :/ i rage so much XD
  6. Thats never happened to me :p Im that guy with the SMG..
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  7. lol you noob :p but i had this game were this team have scorpians with rapid fire and every time i went to shoot them before they shot me they allways killed mee !!!! omg lol
  8. I heard somewhere that it will be impossible to quick scope. Is that true?
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  9. No, quickscoping looks really fun in it
  10. finally :D they should make a just quick scope online lobby, but come on if you have a sub and they have a snipe realistically who is gunna win and its annoying XD
  11. Well thats the good thing about quickscoping, if you are good you can excel in pubs only QS'ing :p Im not bad at Quickscoping but not really a fan, so Im just a try hard who cares about KD and leader board.
  12. I'm excited, but i'm not trying to act geeky or anything here, but shouldn't studies be first rather than ..gaming?
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  14. I made a deal with my mom if my grades are at a certain point she'll let me stay home for working so hard :p
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  15. image.jpg
  16. So if anyone wants to play with me in about 45 min add me and we can party up :)
  17. Geeky currently means technology stuffs, soooo..... You're acting the exact opposite of geeky? :confused:
  18. Lol I'm not going to the midnight release, but I will be getting it tomorrow afternoon. You can take a guess on what my Xbox gamertag is ;)
  19. My friend got it at the midnight release in a NZ store he was first in that store he is really into CoD