Call of duty black ops 2

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  1. Hey Empire,
    Do You Play call of duty black ops?
    Which mode You like most?
    Which multiplayer map You like most and what zombie map You like more?
    I love zombies and I love playing in tranzit!
    In multiplayer the best map is Hijacked!

    Post your opinions here!
  2. i agree but i suck at zombies so i don't like zombies:p
  3. I play it
    Zombies and multiplayer
    I like that map too!
  4. Zombies is the best! Especially Tranzit! You must check it out! Multiplayer modes are also very good
  5. Decide and choose one!
  6. i agree about multiplayer i love it:D
  7. So I
  8. Anyone want to make a PS3 clan?
  9. I want but I dont know how
  10. I do :)
  11. tell me
  12. I love zombies especially when i play with my clan on it! Multiplayer is okay but gets me very stressed i like the map plaza! :D
  13. Can you tell me how to create a clan?
  14. If your on PS3 can you change you name or not?
  15. You cant change your username but can have a Clan tag
  16. We can do empire team
  17. [EMC]?
  18. i do! i do! :D
  19. Sure! Great idea! I will add you soon. Remember I am nicofacu
  20. I will pass on Call of Crappy Generic Shooter.