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  1. roblikescake placed his last cake tonight on my sandstone temple res on SMP 2 4350
    (which is still being built)

    he had requested he'd put an original rob cake there. a few people gathered to watch his last moments on EMC.
    here are a few pictures!

    YAY for cake!

  2. Enjoy <3
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  3. thanks! :)
    (by the way, did you eat half of that cake? lol, because its only a half cake :p) and i have no idea how it got that way. lol
  4. You'll need to encase it in glass, so others cannot eat it. Everyone has perms to eat cake everywhere for some dumb reason.
    I... I will login just one last time to replace that cake.
  5. okay, will do, hold on!
  6. xD

    roblikescake: On this day .....history repeats itself.
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  7. because someone ate the first one. -.- lol
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  9. On this day...history repeats itself.

    Ohh, how much we'll miss you rob ;(
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  10. okay, now i'm getting annoyed. the cake is in glass, and was intact this morning while i was working on my res, now... its randomly a half cake again. -.- how is someone eating the thing, in glass?!
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  12. Glitch? D:
  13. i'm currently trying to figure it out.
  14. Hehehe...
  15. People break blocks and quickly eat some cake while they are hungry perhaps?
    I'd just case it in obsidian and say the cake is there.
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  16. EFF 5 pick is ready. :D
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  17. Do I need to come make another cake and encase it in 2 layers of glass?
    This is bull****.

    The cake is there to show respect for myself, not for people to be asinine and abuse a glitch to do something.
  18. But we're hungry!
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  19. ignoramoose is going to come to my res tonight to show me a way to build the encasement so that no one can use a stupid lagg glitch to get to it.
    at least that is what he thinks happened, so, it's going to be fixed tonight.
    it can stay half eaten if you don't care. lol, you don't really have to sign on and do it all again :( if you do we can just keep it a secret. =X shhh, i didn't say that.

    but, yes, it is bull. reason number 1 i hate people, they can't just leave shit alone.