Bye for quite a while EMC

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  1. So guys, I have lost intrest in EMC and minecraft alltogether. This may not be news to some of you, others it will.

    I would like to thank my good friend and cousin (irl), huckleberry24, for everything. Also I would like to thank: BlackKnight1021, lashing, 8pecx (left a while ago) and everyone else who was a good friend.

    I will log in every 25days starting tommorow, to prevent direlect happening to my residences. They will all be opened for visiting from tommorow onward also.

    Thanks everyone, I had a good run. Probably the best server in minecraft alltogether, and certainly the friendlest.

    Bye :)
  2. Have fun doing irl things!
    Hope you will eventually return once you have an interest in Minecraft again :D
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  3. Sorry to see you go High_Jacker. Hopefully I don't get too bored on the empire without you :p
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  4. Oh No! I'm sad to see you go High_Jacker! :( I Hope you have fun whatever you move on to! :)
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  5. You'll be missed, High_Jacker. If you like, you can always vote to keep yourself out of derelict. :)
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  6. High_Jacker smp8 just got a little bit dimmer with out you. Hope life treats you well
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  7. Bye :D I probably will never see you again, but you were a great freind to talk to
    Wish you the best
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  8. *lies down*
    *tries not to cry*
    *sobs uncontrollably*

    I'm gonna miss you man, you were always a great presence on SMP8, and I was never bored when you were around. I really wish you wouldn't go, but I understand that sometimes life takes us down separate paths. I'll never forget you man, you the real MVP. ;)
  9. Thanks everyone, when preventing direlect I hope to see you all! :)
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  10. You will be missed
  11. Hello everyone! Long time since I have talked to most people, but I AM BACK BABY! I just got back from a holiday and have started to miss the empire, and now I have decided to return. I will be finishing my mall first, but also doing plenty of other tasks at the same time. Thanks to huckleberry24 for convincing me to come back, I'm sorry to Mirr0rr who seemed to be happy of my depart. Ill see you all around, have a good day :)
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  12. You could say Mirr0rr's wishes were...
    *sunglasses* "high-jacked." B-)

    In all seriousness, glad you decided not to leave. c:
  13. Glad my convincing paid off :) great to have you back ;)
  14. I cracked up when I saw this xD
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  15. Glad I could make your day -- er, night... :)

    Seriously though, I'm surprised no one has "pun"-ished me for all the jokes I've came up with. xD
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  16. No where did I say I was happy to see you go so it's probably best not to assume things from people.
  17. xD

    You just seem to always be against me, I have no idea why. So why is this Mirr0rr? Why?
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  18. Yay! Welcome back! :)
  19. WOO, someone on Smp8 to replace me when I'm gone. Welcome back! :D