Bye Emc it was fun

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dr_Hacksaw, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Well, apparently i have been banned. Whatever... so i want to say bye to all my friends on this server, it was a blast! I really enjoyed it and want to give a shout out to a few of the best!


    and of course one of the Best EMCers of ALL TIME


    Thanks for the great time guys and i hope to come back on one day maybe on an alt or something

    also a special shout out to my favorite staff members

    Aikar, ICC u guys are awesome

    Thanks for this server ,

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  2. Im curious.... What were you banned for?
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  3. First, goodbye threads are not allowed,
    Second, why did you get banned? When you really appreciate the staff and like the server you could appeal, right?
  4. i would try but its not worth the argument, i did something wrong and that's it
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  5. I'm starting to think he just did this for attention..... And, you got a point. Why couldn't he just appeal? Lol.
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  6. if im banned what would be the point for attention, i wanted to say bye to my friends.
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  7. Lol. So dramatic.
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  8. Appealing isn't an argument, it's acknowledging that what you did was wrong, apologizing, and giving proof that it will not happen again.
  9. maybe i will try idk
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  10. When you would really like your friends you would try to! :)
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  11. An appeal is when you recognize you did something wrong and are sorry for it, a dispute is when you think you were unfairly banned. As you recognize you did something wrong and are sorry, you can appeal. However, this is not the place to do so. PM the staff member who banned you and explain what you did and how it was wrong, and that you are sorry and won't do it again.
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  12. Everyone wanting to know why he was banned, its really not that hard to go onto the server and doing /p dr_hacksaw
  13. this thread isnt about my getting banned, its about me saying bye to my friends...
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  14. Which is against the rules in forums, sorry.
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  15. Good-bye threads aren't allowed on Emc forums. Closing now
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