Bye 4 now

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  1. well im leaving emc will try to keep my stuff from derelict but im leaving for now have lost interesting in it, i may come back if something interesting happens.

    Its beign fun everyone cya :)

    ps. i "ll be back (adds terminator music)
  2. Some people just don't get along with others well.

    Sorry to see you go, I'll miss you on smp8
  3. If you want to talk about why you are leaving, pm krysyyjane9191 or myself and either of us would happily talk to you about the situation at hand. I am sorry to see you go, and hope you return soon.
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  4. So many goodbye threads. I've been on EMC for 2.5 years and I've never even thought about leaving.

    Anyway, good bye. Hope you come back soon.
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  5. Not saying this about any specific player but a lot of goodbye threads are just posted to get attention. Idk if its good that a lot of them don't actually quit EMC or if it's bad cuz they're just begging for attention. lol
  6. Well, good-bye I guess. I don't know how on earth you can be bored when there is always so much to do and so many interesting people to talk to and meet, but I guess you just gotta do your own thing.
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  7. Some of the goodbye threads are not for attention though for what I have observed. Some players are actually trying to inform people that they are leaving for a while and to explain why.
  8. Even Though we Havent Talked gl in the future
  9. I know I'm not saying ALL goodbye threads are for attention, I'm just saying a lot of the ones I remember are for attention (especially around the time IcC was demoted)
  10. Yes, I understood what you meant. :) I just wanted to defend the threads that are for a purpose.
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  11. Why Would This Please Me 8pecx?!?! I Thought We Were Good Friends :( I Guess Not Then :(
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  12. Hey 8pecx what do you mean me and High_Jacker will be happy? You were like our best friend ;(
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  13. Yeah, Also You Helped Us LOADS Thanks Anyways
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  14. Goodbye 8pecx! You were the guy that inspired me into my meer mall
    Wish you all the best ;)
    -meer man
  15. 8pecx you are a good friend and a great mall builder, loads of ppl are sad cuz you are leaving, hope to see you again! =)
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  16. You will be greatly missed on smp8 and on EMC in general! I hope you return soon! :D
  17. All so right, Black knight :)
  18. Noooo :'(, You will be missed by myself and fellow smp8-ers. All the luck in your next adventures and hope you come back soon (1.8 might interest you in coming back :D)