Buying Zombie or Skeleton Grinder or (Double or Single)

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  1. Anywhere expect SMP 1 Or SMP 2
    We can agree on price if you have one
  2. I have one somewhere, I ll have to look for the coordinates, How much you offering?
  3. I'll sell u a spawner coords. I never used it.
  4. Zombie single.
  5. Sorry, looking for grinders only
  6. I have a double zombie grinder location.
  7. Which server is this grinder located.
  8. Hmm i was looking for a double grinder, how much and we will agree on price
  9. I have a single on SMP4. Havn't been in ages.
  10. with this new update? from aikar will anything be changed from mob grinding?
  11. Pardon?
  12. with that mob limit thing? there is another thread about it
  13. Oh! There will be new mob limits. But the spawner isn't a full grinder, I built it when I was unknown about grinders
  14. hmm im still think about terry's double grinder though...that is what i will prly buy
  15. Sorry its been sold for 10k