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  1. Hello I'm buying unwanted items
    Anything except dirt
    I will not take anything less than a DC
    And nothing more than 10 DCs from one person at a time

    /v 6029
    Is where you can find me and sell me your items
  2. I Sell a few promos cheap at 6336
  3. Nice shop bought a dragon frag :)

    Come on everyone money for your unwanted items who doesn't want that? :)
  4. Do you buy paper and farmable goods/seeds? XD
    Edit: are you using shop signs? We cant sell you a DC at a time...
  5. Will you buy a half-full chest of untouched enchanted bows? PM me if you're interested.
  6. Sure, and no I'm jot using shop signs
    Sure how much?

  7. Ah okay, then i'll get in touch with you next time you're online
  8. K I plan on getting on in a bit :)
  9. Can someone close this thread please
    I've closed my little buying thingy
  10. Report it and say you want it closed
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.