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  1. any spawners in particular you are looking for? also what servers?
  2. Any server is alright. I currently have not much stuff, as I was away for 11 months. :)

    I would prefer a double spawner, but a single spawner is okay.
  3. Also, I do not care what mob it is, but if you have two, I would prefer Skellies.
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  4. I have a Cave Spider Spawner on Smp7. I can give you coords. Just a single, a decent way away from spawn. How much are you willing to pay? It has not been used, there are even some cobwebs still there
  5. Is it set up as a grinder?
  6. No. Are you wanting to buy it? If so how much? I cna then make it to a grinder depending what you want, and set a price. But you can buy the spawer plainly. And then I can make a grinder.
  7. If I will have to pay to get it built, I am not interested.
  8. boozle, if u let epic inc. own it, I can pay for it to be made into a grinder
    I can also pay to buy the coords
  9. Yea, after I joined epic inc, I did not need this thread.

    I am building an enderman grinder on smp6.