[BUYING] XP Bottle Villager

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  1. I'm looking to pay someone to create an infinite XP bottle villager for me on my res. I will pay 50k for it (I ask that you supply the necessary items, but I can do it if needed). Reply here or message me on the forums if you're interested. The res is on smp3.
    This price is negotiable.
  2. Bump. A while ago my game crashed while the trade was refreshing and it broke the one I got. I'm now looking for a new one.
  3. I will be up for the job but you'll need to supply me with items. :)
  4. I currently have someone who agreed to do it. If something comes up I will contact you though.
  5. Bump. Raised the price to 50k!
  6. I'll do it. I can be online at 2-3 EMC time on Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays. Do you mind if I record the process for my YouTube channel?
  7. I don't mind. 50k work and do you need me to supply materials? I'll give perms when I get home later tonight.
  8. Yes, please supply the materials. I'll do it on Friday. I might be able to do it Thursday, but Thursday schedules are always changing for me.
  9. I have set the perms. There is an access chest by the villager with someone materials. Tell me if you need anything. The res is 7075@xp on smp3
  10. Sorry for the delay. I nearly forgot I was going to do this. I'll get on right now.