Buying Wither Heads [For Fireworks Show]

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  1. Hello There!

    Jeanzl2000 here as head of JeanZNation!

    (For those of you that don't know JeanZNation is a charity dedicated to giving back to the community)

    We have a time slot for

    and we wanted to have a rocket that is very special...

    We want to buy 2-3 Wither Heads and put creeper faces on 1 firework.

    It will be like the best and most expensive firework ever.

    Hopefully the firework will be included at every EMC event from now on but I need your help!

    If you have a wither head I need some of them as you know but we want to spend as least amount of rupees as posible so we can spend the other rupees on other fireworks but please if you have a head/skull can You say that cheapest We can buy it for? Also You could always donate one :p

    Thank You

  2. hey i got one wither head to sell u can buy it for 10k if you'd like just let me know if u wnt to buy it
  3. ok ill sell it to you for 9k if you can buy it for that much
  4. Wow 9k...

    I was hoping this would be cheaper because RandomZH sells for 7k a head/skull.
  5. Wouldn't it be the most expensive ever if it had 3 creeper heads? :p
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  6. i told him that, hes to stubborn :p
  7. im trying to make profit
  8. Okay well I'm very sorry ieattoast12 that we couldn't make an agreement. I have gotten the 3 skulls already but thank you for your offer.
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