[Buying] Wheat on Smp5 10181

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  1. I'm currently buying wheat for 30r per stack at 10181 smp5.

    I've placed 4 dbchest sell shop near the M&D shop entrance.

    This offer will be open until all of the chest are full. A Member can make up to 6,480r if he/she fills all of them up. Enjoy making some Rupees :)
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  2. In class bump :p
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  3. Out of class bump
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  4. Finally. Something to do with my wheat instead of bread. I'm on it!
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  5. Awesome, The Chest are there waiting ;)
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  6. Deliveries tomorrow!
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  7. I have an underground wheat farm on smp4 8981, stand at the bottom, I'll send it your way. You can have it for free. 3 or 4 stacks in one shot I think.
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  8. Yes.gif

    I make a access chest then
  9. Lunch time bump :D
  10. Whats for lunch? Also a single chest isn't big enough. I'll stock pile on my res till you get on.:D
  11. Ham sandwich, water, and grapes. Alright I place three dbchest with access to you in about hour or so :)
  12. I'll see if I can fill them. No hurry though. It takes forever for this stuff to grow.
  13. No rush ;), take forever for my wheat farm to grow
  14. The chest are up and running lol
  15. Oh no! I'm lost in the wild on smp5! Not sure of I can still sell to you then. :/
  16. What's your cords are out at a base or just walking about
  17. I can supply you lots of stack of wheat!

    I can also supply you lots of stacks of sugar canes :D
  18. Wild base. I'm trying to find my way out.
  19. Just looking for wheat for right now but thanks, Most of the chest empty I think one is half way full

    Do you have rei's minimap mod install, it wonderful to have :D
  20. Nope. Where can I get that?