[buying] voters shears

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  1. As title says im looking for voters shears :) pm me offers :p
  2. any one selling?
  3. I don't think anyone would sell Soulbound and Unbreakable shears, you can just vote to get them anyways... (Just noticed I'm about to get them today from voting :p)
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  4. yea im voting but takes over 200 more and im not a patient person :/
  5. It's 150 days of voting...
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  6. some people vote on alts and have more than 1 keep in mind... Maybe they would want to sell them. You never know
  7. nope, never, not selling my shears, just no, never :p good luck with buying shearz
  8. got mine 4 days ago :p :D
  9. Maybe post how much you will pay. (I would suggest somewhere around 250k)