buying villagers?

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  1. Just a thought that occurred to me... not necessarily for or against the idea, but is there any chance of adding the option to buy villagers?
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  2. That's called slavery.:eek:
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  3. yea... i hadn't thought of that... i was thinking to "staff" shops etc. but yea... that could lead to some not so great stuff
  4. I want to buy these "Villagers..." D:
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  5. Lol. Yeah the society for the protection of the pixelated people (SPPP) are watching over us. :)
    I think it would be a great feature to add, especially if you had a little 'community' and you wanted to populate it so it could seem like a community. As long as they cannot be 'trained' to act as a wolf/cat protector, and they always stay neutral and untrained they would be fine.
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  6. Maybe justin or jeremy could make it so you could buy villager eggs at the shop. They would probably be expensive but if you wanted to, you could make a small village on your res.

    Also with the addition of villagers breeding in 1.2 this could mean you could make more villages in the wild and populate them with villagers.
  7. Yeah this seems pretty cool hope it happens!
    I was wondering is there a player called empire_shop who actually owns it cause like a month agO someone was coming online and saying the Empire shop was thier res and they over on it on all the servers...
    Seems pret fishy if you ask me but is it true?
  8. Interesting. I think that Villagers would add a new dynamic to a server. Although they would just wander around aimlessly, much like a cow does, It'd be interesting to see what people do to try and keep them in locations that they want. *Imagines cattle herding squidward men*

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  9. I'll finally have someone to lock in my jail
  10. i want little people to keep me company in my property only problem I have with it is that some people will buy them just to abuse them :(
  11. Buy a bunch then let them run wild in the town.
  12. We don't promote slavery on the server! Buying villagers (Testifacets) is against humanity.
  13. They are NPCs not humans. :)
  14. That is a very insensitive thing to say.
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  15. funny, I was about to suggest a mod to Justin that does exactly this...

    It's called Citizens. version 2 is in the works to be alot better. You can equip them with armor etc.

    I think it would add good feel to the server. Specially those of us with wild colonies.
  16. Citizens used to be a right ballache and had so many glitches and ways to break things in the original. Hopefully V2 will improve on it.

    However, in the meantime, I'd love if we could have the Villagers hostile to Mobs, because when those Zombies start breaking down doors, I'd expect my villagers to defend themselves!
  17. LOL
  18. Oh sorry
  19. I've seen a few servers similar to this, Where instead of the Npc's being "TESTIFICATES" They look like actual players, yet are 100% controlled by the server itself. Quite frankly, That would be pretty dang awesome, If I could have guards in my res (Even if they didn't do anything)