[BUYING] Valentines Promos!!!

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  1. The title says it all. I am looking to buy the Valentines Promos from y'all. Here are my prices.

    Cupid Bundle - 50k
    Cupid Bow - 9k
    Cupid (Egg) UNUSED - 30k
    Cupid (Egg) USED - 8k
    Cupid Arrow (64) - 5k

    Prices are negotiable. I may make changes to the prices as I get them, so sell them to me now. :)

    Go to my residence on Utopia (5005) and sell to the chests just inside on the right.
  2. i'll sell the cupid bundle for 50k
  3. how did you get the cupid bundle?

    EDIT: XD im not very smart, i figured it out!
  4. Type /promo cupid while in game.

    Also the pig eggs are going for over 30k now.
  5. i will sell my cupid bundle for 50k
  6. Edited OP. Now if you all are interested, go to my residence on utopia (5005) and sell them to the chests inside on your right.
  7. Alright. I got so much business that I have no more money lol
    Gimme a few days to get more and I will continue to buy. Also the price of the arrows will go down to 1k.