[BUYING] Used Promos. Any used tool/weapon promos: Holiday pick, Turkey Slicer, Cupid Bow,Turfinator

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  1. Please PM me or post the durability/a picture here.

    These are roughly my prices right now (multiply price x durability %):

    Freedom Blade: 12,000r
    Turkey Slicer: 13,000r
    Lucky Bow: 20,000r
    Cupid's Bow: 15,000r
    Holiday Pick: 25,000r

    Please keep in mind that a promotional item with the Final enchantment loses more than half of its value the second you use it, even if it is at 99%. This has been true for me even when I am the one selling.
    Also, please keep in mind that this is the reason I am interested in buying them used. I do not want any full price unused promos.
    I will only use this OP to update prices and things now, so just look here.
  2. Ore Buster with 267/1561 damage.

    (for all those curious on how to check, press F3 and H at the same time)
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  3. I'm not sure I thought about things with that low of durability. I'll give you like 6k for it.
    I'm not sure the difference between fortune 3 and 5, but I doubt it can net me much before it breaks, and I intend to use these things.
  4. Eh, I'll pass, I've been using it mostly for display, like, "Hey, look! I got an Ore Buster (kinda)!"
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  5. Well if you change your mind or have an offer or if anyone knows how fortune 5 works I'll still be interested. Thanks anyway.
    Anybody else?

    Edit: I only even came up with this number by (with a lot of rounding) taking the Unused Price (u), and assuming the item loses half its value for being used (which has been true for me when I was the one selling), then multiplying by the durability % (d).
    Price = du/2
    If you have one to sell, I will probably work off a price much like this.
  6. bump!
    Interested in any of the following:
    Lucky bow, cupid bow, turkey slicer, freedom blade, ore buster, holiday pick, momentus toothpick, and now horses.
  7. Well, now you know i have a turkey slicer up for sale ;) Unused :)
  8. I have some Iday boots that have 63/65 durability left :)
  9. I don't think I'm particularly interested in expensive non-soulbound armor. I will just burn it in lava, probably, but maybe at the right price. Not sure what these are worth new.
  10. I am also not sure the price of these but if you can offer a fair amount i will gladly accept :)
  11. I can sell my little-used freedom blade for 25k
  12. 25k is more than a brand new one, closer to 10k
    What's the durability?
  13. Idk like Almost new
  14. Anyway when i try f3 + h it donot do much
  15. Oh, you hit f3 and h at the same time while not in your inventory. Then, open your inventory and hover over it.
    If you're set on anywhere close to 25k though I'm not going to buy it. I've bought a couple for 10 already.
  16. Still offering my slicer up ;)
  17. I will pay more than my formula above for: Lucky bow (15k) or freedom blade(11k), and I'm still very interested in Holiday Pick and Ore Buster.

    It is unused and expensive. I need things I can play with in the nether and not be terrified the whole time. If you swing it a couple times, I'll buy it for 15k.

    12k is the most I've paid for one so far, and I'll do it again if it's really close to full.
  18. Hmm. I'll have todo that when my moms done :D