[Buying] Used Ore Buster

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  1. Hello all. I want to buy used Ore Buster promo pick. For the display. Durability is not important, important is the price ;). Please PM with offers. (with the price in rupees u want for it, not with the question of my offer...)

    Time frame : about a week.
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  2. How much are you wanting to pay for this? Could you possibly say in the thread or must it be a PM?
  3. Yeah, u can say ur offer in posts :)

    As for the price few thousand rupees, and for sure not >5k for 1 durability buster :p
  4. Alright I might be able to help. I was wanting a reasonable amount for it.
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  10. Oh no mate :p

    Not that I decide the economy or anything but even 1 durability is worth a lot more than 5k because like you said, people like to display. An ore buster is an ore buster :L
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  11. That is subjective evaluation, as my own, of worth of the 1+ durability Ore Buster. I am looking for someone who is closer to my evaluation, than yours :p

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  12. I've bought two 0 durability Orebusters for 4k each, it isn't worth much once it's durability is really low :)
  13. But if you place it in an item frame, you cant tell wether or not it is near broken
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  14. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. To my understanding, you are saying that certain people have different evaluations of items. If that's what you're saying, then that's mostly false. There may be a very rough odd that there could be an individual that doesn't generally care for rares and would gladly sell a used ore buster for cheap. Generally speaking, the rares economy is very solid and 99% of prices are closely tied together. However, in finding that rough chance that you're looking for, best of luck :)

    When did you buy it?
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