[Buying] Triple/Quad Zombie/Skeleton Grinder

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  1. Information:
    I am looking to buy a Triple/Quad Zombie or Skeleton Grinder/Spawners.
    If it is set up into a fully functioning grinder i will offer 10-15k on top of my buying price (See prices below)


    All 3/4 spawners must be able to activate together in at least one spot.
    Screenshots of activated spawners/grinder.
    Player must be trusted.
    Grinder must be FULLY functional


    3 Zombie or Skeleton Spawners (No grinder) :: 15-30k
    3 Zombie or Skeleton Grinder :: 25-40k
    4 Zombie or Skeleton Spawners (No grinder) :: 45-60k
    4 Zombie or skeleton Grinder :: 60-75k

    Different prices can be arranged in PM.

    Please PM me if you would like to sell any of the above.

  2. Good prices.

    I just hate that most of these x3 or x4 have like spiders in them :/
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  3. I already have 3 triple cave spider grinders, and i dont like them, thats why im buying this :)