[buying/trading] Beacons

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  1. I am on the market for a little more than 2 stacks of beacons (144), I am looking to buy them at 15k/ea or trade a value of 17k/ea in promos for them. :)

    I prefer to buy in bulk and not one at a time, but either or works.
  2. What sort of promos for 22 beacons?
  3. Oops forgot to hyperlink it in main post, added it & going to put it here.
  4. I would check out Tzgiles on SMP3. :)
  5. Out of stock :/
  6. I have 24 Beacons and am looking for Blizz Ard Noses/Arms/Eyes, how much would one of those be worth in beacons?