[Buying] Tools and Potions

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  1. Hello EMC! I'm buying the following items:

    1 DC - Fire Resistance Potions (8:00) - ~2k, highly negotiable.

    Fortune III Unbreaking III Pickaxes (all prices negotiable)
    with Efficiency V - 8k
    with Efficiency IV - 7k
    with Efficiency III - 6k
    with Efficiency II/I - 3k

    I'll buy as many as I can.

    To sell to me, find me in game, PM me here at pm.emc.gs, or post below. Thanks!
  2. I might be able to help you with the fortune pickaxes later.
    I'll send some via /mail ;)
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  3. Awesome, just send me what you have and I'll pay.
  4. I have a fair share of fire resistance potions-PM me
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  5. Expect more pickaxes ;)
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  6. Ah sir PenguinDJ, please check one of the picks I sent you it had Eff. 5 and you didn't include the extra 1k for it.
    Thank you !
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