[Buying] TNT/ Sulfur/Sand

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  1. free dirt
    bring your own shovels..
    dig and keep all that you want
    everyone has build perms
    i need the res cleared of dirt
    if i see you helping/gathering your won dirt, i'll shoot you some rupees for your help
    plus, free dirt for you. as much as you want, non stop.
    i'm letting the build perms open until the res is entirely cleared of dirt.

    SMP 1 .. res 2624

  2. Great way to get this done!
  3. also!

    if anyone can sell me tnt or the items to make tnt... please, let me know. i need a lot. :) thanks!

    i also will be interested in buying shovels with 4-5 efficiency on them!
  4. I've got an Efficiency III Diamond Shovel, I'll sell it to you for 250r :) Do you want it?
  5. i would rather have one that is higher, as it gets rid of things a lot faster. but thanks anyway!
  6. Okay, I've only this Shovel :p PM me when you think 'I still want that Shovel...' :rolleyes:
  7. I actually find that eff 3 leaves the least amount of invisible blocks. When using eff 4 & 5 on my second res, they always left those flippin things -_-
  8. does anyone have tnt/sulfur to sell!?
  9. To get more attention the the title making it something like: FREE RUPEES INVOLVED! would help more :p
  10. I have an efficiency 4 unbreaking 3 fortune 3 shovel, an efficiency 4 silk touch 1 shovel, and 28 pieces of gunpowder. I don't know how much these sell for so just make me an offer.
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  11. how much are your buying tnt and sulphur for
  12. 10 rupees per sulfur
    and i believe 50 rupees for tnt

    hylian, i will also take the first shovel, i don't need a silk.
  13. There is a shop sign in my house for the gunpowder. Make me an offer on the shovel.
  14. i have 891 gunpowder and 58 tnt
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  15. I will sell you suffer.
  16. i've just picked up the sulfur, thank you. i don't know what the shovel is worth, please tell me what you at least want for it.
    how many?
  17. I just read this:
    Then I see this thread's title... Coincidence?
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  18. How much do you want? I just sold a bunch, but I will start selling to you.
  19. i'm also going to need sand!

    i'll take as many as you want to part with.
  20. i'll take that shovel now ^.^