[Buying] The Bizarre Bazaar Needs You!

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  1. Beaverbeliever and I recently expanded our shop on res 14010 on SMP7, or the Bizarre Bazaar, as some of you may know it as! We have done our best to supply it ourselves and many good friends have helped as well. However, we need some help with stocking certain items. These are the items and the current prices you can sell them to us in our shop:

    Leather: 192r (stack)
    Sulphur/Gunpowder: 448r (stack)
    Feathers: 64r (stack)
    Flint: 40r (stack)
    Logs (any): 70r (stack)
    Cobblestone: 15r (stack)
    Gold Ingots: 520r (stack)
    Iron Ingots: 336r (stack)
    Pumpkins: 8r (stack)
    Chicken Egg (mob): 192r (stack)
    Cow Egg (mob): 320r (stack)
    Mooshroom Egg (mob): 640r (stack)
    Wolf Egg (mob): 2240 (stack)

    **color-coded by what color room you can find them in at 14010

    If you'd like to sell in bulk, let me know and I will set up a supplier's room for you. Otherwise, you may sell directly to us at our shop 14010 on SMP7 for these prices. However, I understand prices vary from server to server. If you would like to negotiate any prices, please contact me or Beaverbeliever here, in-game, or through a private message. Thanks!
  2. We are also buying these items that cannot be sold to us in the shop:

    Blaze rods: 192r (stack)
    Wheat: 7r (stack)