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  1. Here's my shopping list! :3

    8 Stacks of Sea lanterns - Got. thankyou, EffinBatman!
    4 Stacks of Prismarine Shards - Got. thankyou, Khixan!
    7.5 Stacks of Cooked Mutton
    8.5 Stacks of Cooked Rabbit
    3 Stacks of Rabbits Feet

    If you have any of the above, name your price :D
  2. can get your sea lanterns at /v 6655 on smp3
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  3. 4 stacks of prismarine shards - Drop by while I'm online and in town (smp8). 50r for all 4 stacks. If you have trouble catching me, I'll just make you a chest to pick them up from. Hit me up and let me know, cheers.

    Also, you can get loads of crystals and shards out at Sushi Drop on smp8. See this thread for directions - emc.gs/t/53627/#post-964163
  4. Sea Lanterns and prismarine blocks at smp3 /v 7313 - smp6 /v 13131 and smp7 /v 15151
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