[BUYING] Stone Brick/Stone

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  1. I need around a DC of stone/stone brick for a project on my res. I'll buy either for around 3K, price is negotiable.
  2. In what quantity for 3k? I mean I would be happy to sell you one brick for 3k :)
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  3. Oops, sorry. I forgot to put that in *facepalm*
  4. I will sell you a DC for 3k :) just gimme a min to gather it up.
  5. Ok. I'm going to bed in a bit, could you set up an access chest and I will pay you in the morning? :)
  6. Sure thing!
  7. Mind if there is like 9-12 stacks of stone brick and the rest stone?
  8. DC= derpy cheating
    Therefore, I will sell you one dc for 10368000 rupees. I expect my payment in neores.
  9. I you are fine with the 12 stacks stone brick the DC is at 5136 Utopia- auction pickup teleporter. If you wanted all stone just wait for my reply before taking anything :)
  10. I'm fine with that. I'm coming to pay right now :)