[Buying] Stone, Andesite, Granite, and Diorite

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  1. Hi all, I'm currently remodeling 8 connecting residences and am looking for people to gather Stone (not cobblestone), Andesite, Granite, and Diorite. I'm paying my selling rate, not what I offer to buy but the higher selling rate. For more information, pricing, and specifications go to: https://empireminecraft.com/threads...her-stone-andesite-granite-and-diorite.83650/

    Here are my prices and total (among all participates) DCs needed:
    • Stone, 4 DCs - All 4 DCs for 19,008r, 1 DC for 4,752r, stack of 64 blocks for 88r, 32 blocks for 44r, 16 blocks for 58.5r, and 8 blocks for 29.25r
    • Andesite, 6 DCs - All 4 DCs for 75,816r, 1 DC for 12,636r, stack of 64 blocks for 234r, 32 blocks for 117r, 16 blocks for 22r, and 8 blocks for 11r
    • Granite, 3 DCs - All 4 DCs for 28,512r, 1 DC for 9,504r, stack of 64 blocks for 176r, 32 blocks for 88r, 16 blocks for 44r, and 8 blocks for 22r
    • Diorite, 6 DCs - All 4 DCs for 75,168r, 1 DC for 12,528r, stack of 64 blocks for 232r, 32 blocks for 116r, 16 blocks for 58r, and 8 blocks for 29r
    Please post any follow-ups on this thread https://empireminecraft.com/threads...her-stone-andesite-granite-and-diorite.83650/ since it might take time for you to gather the products.
  2. This request has been fulfilled by TomvanWijnen.

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