[Buying] Stone and Gold

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  1. I'm buying lots of stone for a project:
    to sell what you have just fill out this form.

    Amount: in DC's or SC's
    Your Price:
    Amount: in stacks
    Your Price:

  2. Stone or cobble?
  3. I've got ± 3 dc's of stone in stock at 859 on smp1 :)
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  4. I sell gold ingots at 1577 for 12r each (don't complain lol) and I have almost a SC full if you want to buy some there.
  5. 9500 opens on Saturday selling gold for 10-12r I have over an SC in stock
  6. I am selling gold blocks for 81r per at 4001 smp2. That is only 9r an ingot. I have tons in stock so go ahead and buy it! I can restock if you need me too aswell
  7. Thanks guys this really helps :D
  8. Bump im also buying gold ore

  9. Ur Prices ?

    Stacks of Stone = what
    Stacks of Gold = What
  10. you can put your price :p and ill agree or disagree