[BUYING] Starter items

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  1. I'm opening up a museum and i need these things:
    Empire-Next Steps: Wiki
    Second Chance book: Wiki
    Soulbound torches
    Soulbound cow spawn egg
    Soulbound sheep spawn egg
    Soulbound bread
    If you have any of these and you wish to sell post below ;)
  2. I think I have all of these lemme get on and check
    Edit: well not the second item
  3. Ok I can give you items 3-6
  4. I have the 2nd chance book
  5. i have multiples of all of them, pm me what your offering :p
  6. I will buy it
  7. How much
  8. Just for clarification, are you looking for the first "second chance book" that was published before Oct. 19, 2014, or the new one, post-2014?
  9. I can sell you everything except the 2nd chance book.
  10. Both
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