[Buying] Staff Heads

Discussion in 'Buying' started by lukafolz, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Hey, I'm buying multiple staff heads listed below!


    Im clueless with prices so ye just send me a pm or if your feeling generous donate ;):p
  2. ItsMeMatheus sells his head at his res for around 100k
    Weeh donates his head to museums
    You can obtain Chin's head at his event 'Kill that chin' or they cost around 200k
    Krysyy there are many different variations with different prices
    Aikar has many different variations with different prices
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  3. I have a krysyy head (blue) id sell
    Also 2 chickeneer heads and a maxarias head
  4. I have a krysyy pvp head Pm me for info
  5. Just for a pricing they cost around 800k+
  6. The Maxarias head is a Promo head, Not the legit, as there are no legit ones out there... just a small tip
  7. Yah ik just saying i have one for sale
  8. I have a matheus head I'll sell for like 80k
  9. omg wow I thought there were worth around 100k thx!
  10. i have chickeneer head but buy quick before i auction