[Buying] Staff Heads

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  1. The_Boulder














    Any IcecreamCow Head

    Pm me in game or on the forums if you are willing to sell any of these items to me

    I know a lot of people are trying to get staff heads, but there is no harm in trying :p
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  2. Krysyy doesn't like her signature (5 years of EMC book) sold.
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  3. Ok i guess i'll get rid of it then :)
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  4. As mentioned above Krysyy does not like it to be sold. However I'm sure she wouldn't mind it being given for free :p It will be in your mail shortly.
  5. Thank you, its really appreciated :)
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  6. All good. I got one already at the noon event. :)
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  7. Breezy sells his head on his own res I believe! :D
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  8. i have an extra cookie :)
    what will you pay for it? :p
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  9. Update- Cookie obtained now all i need is the Axe :p
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  10. To complete you promotional item set or are you including special event items?
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  11. I need the Axe to complete my 60k set, i have completed my birthday event items that i needed
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  12. Ah but is this 60k set and bday set part ofhe bigger set take for instance all promo items or you just want select things.
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  13. oh i just wanted a select things, i am just trying to finish the 60k set, and i wanted to get another bday set to give to someone else
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  14. Update:
    The_Boulder head has been acquired :D
    Weeh head acquired!
    Breezyman head acquired!
    MoonbowChin Acquired!
    AlexC__ Head Acquired!
    carolmoss head acquired!
    iamcavie head acquired!
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  15. question
    for how much did you buy that moonbowchin head :)
  16. it was gifted to me :)
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  17. nice :)
    i was wondering how much they go for, that's why i asked :p
    thanks anyway :)
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  18. Bump! 60k Axe acquired!
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  19. I would sell you a 2016 b-day cookie if you are still in need of one.
  20. It is crossed off the list at the top, meaning i do not need one all i need is the staff heads now :)
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