[BUYING] Staff Heads Muahaha

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  1. Here is what I have and am not buying:
    • Krysyyjane9191
    • R0bbieJo (Retired)
    • bitemenow15 (Retired)
    • Deathtomb8953 (Retired)
    • Chickeneer
    • 5weety (Retired)
    • RainbowChin
    • Aikar
    • Maxarias
    • Samsimx
    • JackBiggin (Retired)
    • IceCreamCow
    • just_five_fun
    • ISMOOCH (Retired)
    • OrigamiJoe (Retired)
    • Luckygreenbird
    • Silken_Thread (Retired)
    • BlackKnight1021
    • ArtemisV
    • ItsMeMatheus
    • EffinBatman
    • battmeghs (Retired)
    • shavingfoam (Retired)
    • Ahksel
    • Dramanya
    I will buy all current and retired staff heads except the ones listed above. I will buy from players or even the staff member if they so wish to sell me their head.

    Heads I am buying:

    • AlexChance
    • bloodra1n
    • Uber_Corq
    • melk73
    • Dwight5273
    • Dreacon78
    • Dark_Nidus
    • JNightWind
    • Blackstone71
    • iamcavie
    • highlancer54
    • weeh666
    • eviltoade
    • Live2DieSlowly
    • manchildie
    • MrSocks
    • Aphaea
    And many more listed here. Note for the retired ones, check my OP list and that list to see if I have it before making an offer.
  2. pm me i may be able to help you out ;) ;)
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  3. I have acquired Smooch and just five fun since my post.
    This is a bump.
  4. Got just_five_fun for you.
  5. Wait nvm I just saw just_five_fun
  6. My head 1 million r per... But for you... 1r man
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  7. The title of this thread makes me think these are going to build some giant death ray...
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  8. I have a few retired staff heads including my own (if contribution is really staff.. :oops:).. but I wouldn't really want to get rid of them, although I can put another one of my heads into circulation if you really need it, I haven't released any in several months.. o3o
    ...or not... :oops:
  9. I'll mail you a Luckygreenbird later today for free. ;)
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  10. I have several retired staff I would be willing to sell, pm me.
  11. In 1.8 I can and will be doing that...
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  12. Uhhhh noooo.... not doing that... *runs away hastily *
  13. I have a Sam head from before you were mod
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  14. Still buyings
  15. Still need more heads :) Alot of new staff has joined since I started collecting, I need their heads too!
  16. eh.. kk..
    Well, maybe Aikar being busy isn't such a bad thing...
  17. I need mor :D I want every staff head that is in circulation :)

    Need money? Have staff heads? PM me!
  18. I'm pretty sure IcecreamCow and ISMOOCH are retired.
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  19. *fired

    JK :p