[buying] Splash potions of damage

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  1. Im buying a couple dcs of these cant find any where that sells them and my auto brewer doesnt like splah potions for some reason. Send me offers
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  3. I can do this, for the right price. I just expanded my potion brewer with one more section (last was rabbit foot) to make room for the fermented spider eye and much to my surprise it worked ;) Also: sure you want harming and not harming II? That would take some glowstone dust, but it'd harm people more ;)

    The main problem is the price. I already checked: it would cost me 18 spider eyes (to make poison), fermented spider eyes (harmfull potion), and gunpowder. I'll check the going prices of those, add a fee for effort and I can make a price out of that. Unless you can make me a nice offer of course ;)
  4. i can get you the firmented spider eyes no problem just tell me how many i want like 2 dc of whatever you think is best for a mob farm
    and just name your price

    Ps.. My shop sells rabbits feet :) fyi /1547 smp1