[Buying] Soulbound Sheep & Cow eggs (CLOSED)

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  1. Back with another odd one :p

    Looking for soulbound eggs that you get in your starter items. I need:
    • Got em all! Thanks :)
    Offering 500r per if you have them. Not sure if they retain their soulbound once hatched and re-egged. But in any case, looking for unused stackable ones.

    Will update as need. Thanks :)
  2. I believe I have, let me pm you
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  3. Bump.

    Just need 1 more sheep. :)
  4. Sent one your way :)... I only want 50r for the mail
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  5. Thanks so much :) Really appreciated. Will settle up when I get a chance.
  6. No problem :) If you need more cows/sheep I got em also
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.