[Buying] Some bulkish items

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  1. So I am in need of some bulk items so here is what I need. If you can do any of these please comment on which ones and how much you want for it.
    *DC of cobble 3x
    *DC of stone 1x
    *DC of stone bricks 1x
    *DC of stone slabs 1x
    *SC of black stained glass 1x
    *Stack of glow stone 9x

    Thanks guys!:)
  2. I can do both the 3 DCs of Glowstone, and the 9 stacks of Glowstone. What do you think is a fair price for those items?
  3. I think ya mean 3DCs of cobble... and the prices 8K for the 3DCs and 2K for the glowstone?
  4. At 15r per block, 9 stacks of glowstone is 8,640r.
  5. hmm I really should do some math... I would do 10K for the glowstone
  6. 18k for 3 dc cobblestone and 9 stacks glowstone, sure! I've setup an access chest at 859, smp1, I trust you to pay when you pick the items up. :) If you're in the wild on that server, I can also deliver to any server, except smp3. Picking up on utopia would be fine too, by the way.
  7. Glowstone and Cobblestone have been picked up, and paid for! Thanks! :)
  8. No problem!
  9. Bump! Also have the stone slabs now :)
  10. Bump! I need these items!
  11. Bump! The stone bricks and stone have been taken care of.