buying snow blocks in bulk

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  1. i need a lot snow blocks for a skyscraper im building i will buy snowballs and blocks
    i can set up a chest for drop offs if needed
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  2. nice profile image
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  3. try shavingfoam and wassatthen on smp5, and on smp7 zeke1o0o
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  4. i only found it at sgavingfoams place
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  5. I have a whole lot of snow blocks that I wasted an entire diamond shovel on that I have no intention for using. Do you want them? If so, come to 2422 on Smp1. Im logged on constantly over the weekends if you need to know when Im usually on.
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  6. hmm try 1111 on smp1 or queendiva1 on smp9
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  7. queen is out of everything most of the time except more tower
  8. sorry, i don't sell snow blocks, not normally a demand for them.
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  9. That's a bit off-topic don't you think... :p
  10. I have some snow I'll see how much I can give you. If I'm able I'll reply to this thread again :D
  11. bump for more snow
  12. I can get you some snow if you wish . . .
  13. Set up a chest. I'm going to deliver.
  14. I can get you a LOT of snow. Just tell me how much and I'll give it to you for a ridiculous price.
  15. Preferred in DC's
  16. enough to fill 8 dubble chests