[BUYING] Smooth Stone Gen

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  1. I am in need of a smooth stone generator to be created for me. I don't want a simple 1 column slow machine. I want one with complicated redstone and multiple rows of stone being generated. i will pay 1500 for this job.

    Comment or PM me if interested
  2. Stone per second requirement?
  3. 1 per 1/2 second if that is even possible. If not, 1 per second.
  4. 7 per second good?
  5. very can you start now?
  6. Well, sometime tonight.
    I'll need 2 hoppers, 1 comparator, 8 repeaters, a stack of redstone, building blocks of your choice, a stack of glass, two water sources, one lava sources, 7 pistons, 7 sticky pistons, and build, use, and container perms (container because you need container to place hoppers.)
  7. ok i will get them ready and all supplies will be on my third res on smp2
  8. all flags and items are set at 4050 on smp2.
  9. Finished and tested, its working great.
    I left a torch to turn it on and off, but you can use a lever instead.
    If you encounter any problems, please tell me, I'll troubleshoot and fix for free.
  10. Well, too late now but I would suggest Pab10s.
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  11. Ark and I were talking and for the price I suggested he try NetherWorld's out.
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