[Buying] Six Double Chest of Oak Planks.

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  1. The Title says it all, its for my newest project on my Literally Empty res on SMP2 4061.
  2. how much would u pay?
  3. For all six double chest's or for one double chest?
  4. Try Oremia on SMP2
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  5. Already did emptied it is why I made this tread.
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  6. ya how much per DC?
  7. I might be able to hit you up, give me a price and ill help ya out :)
  8. Ill give you all six and more if you need it just tell me how many DC's you want and give me price and ill be on it
  9. I have 2 full DC on smp6 13131 of oak logs and the same as oak planks, more in storage if needed
  10. same once i have a price ill help u out and get u some