[BUYING] Single Skeleton Spawner, Lily Pads

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  1. Hello, I'm TomCasalino.
    I am interested in buying a SINGLE skeleton spawner. I will pay up to 3k for this. I would prefer it to be on SMP1, but any server except 7 works. The spawner need mot be made into a grinder, i can do that myself. I would like the spawner to be within 2000 blocks of spawn or an outpost. DISCLAIMER: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/

    I am also interested in lily pads. i will set up a shop on my res on smp1- 2355 I will buy them 2 for 10r.
    EDIT: i guess it can also be on smp7 :p
  2. :(. xD
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  3. Changed!
  4. Ok, i got a skelly spawner on smp7. i just gotta remember where i put the coordinates for it.
    Ok, i found them. Pm me when you want me to show you where it is
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  7. That is a little much that you will pay for a single skeleton spawner, after I have mined I probably have a zillion of these all around, I just don't keep track of the coords. I know everyone would be just as happy with 2k :)
  8. Do you have any coords to one? it can be on any server except utopia!
  9. is there a way to get items to a different smp?
  10. I have one that I could sell you on smp-1, but it is already a grinder and it somewhere between 5000-6000 blocks away from the spawn.
  11. do /vault in-game
    *didn't read guide facepalms*
  12. Yes, its this ground breaking thing called Empire Vault
    I would buy this, how much do you want for it?
  13. Zombieslayer010 got to him first :p
  14. Well, I don't really want to sell it, but maybe in a couple weeks when I have over 9000 enchanted tools .
  15. BTW, your sig is MESSED UP!
  16. then why did you post here?