[ Buying ] Single chest of Pine Logs

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  1. Hello Fellow EMC students. Ive been working on a new idea in single player. In use if using alot of pine, im going to need a lot of pine planks. For that, im going to need pine logs.

    Ill be willing to pay around 1500 to 2000 for the single chest of pine.
    Hope to hear from someone soon. :p
  2. 13131 smp6 (Silken's shop)

    He has all logs at 64 for 100r.
  3. I can get them for 85r on smp2. But im looking for a bulk buy all at once.
  4. I can go and log for you,one SC you say?
  5. Yes, just one single chest is all i need.
  6. You obviously can't get them for 85r a stack then! Anyway I need to restock the pine logs :p
  7. Why cant i get them for 85r a stack. I can get them for 90r a stack if i go looking. Im not saying your shop is bad. Its i can get them a bit cheaper.
  8. Mostly the reason i cant get them is cause they are out of stock most of the time.