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  1. Hello all, as some of you know me as Chizmaro, or ToriDesu, then you also know all I do is sell horses and horse products, and I'm very active on the forums, and I need a nice signature to promote my new malls. If interested send me a pm and I will give you a rough design and will discuss how much will be paid once final product is made, and if it's good enough, might buy a profile picture.
  2. Try palmsugar she is really good :)
  3. Uhh. Your ToriDesu?
  4. Mhm, it's my alt
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  8. Bump, I've been way more active on this account, still paying a good amount of r's on the sig. Pm if interested
  9. I can make you one :p

    It would cost 5k
  10. I could make you one, if you don't already have one. I've made mine and CommanderCustard's.
  11. I'm looking for certain things, if you are interested send me a pm and I'll tell you the way I want it