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  1. Hello

    1783 - SMP1 im now buying these items come fill us up and take our rupees..

    1. Wood - All types
    2. Smooth Stone
    3. Cobble Stone
    4. Sand Stone - All types
    5. Planks - All types
    6. Spawn Eggs all types
    DIAMONDS - as many as you got (35r each)

    I am currently Selling

    2 x Triple spawner's both have 2 zombie's and 1 skeleton one is on utopia and the other is on SMP9 priced at 10k each.

    Emerald ORES 1783 is currently selling 3 stacks of emerald ORE....

    - Thanks HS :)
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  2. the SMP9 Spawner is now sold.
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  3. He's happyshopper.. 'Nuff said
  4. Q: You're BUYING diamonds for 35r each? or Selling them?
  5. You get them from trading on EMC, and if that post is another sob story about people hacking, then yes - this is happyshopper - we run the largest shop on smp1 together - we have everything we need, when we need it.
  6. Buying
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  7. It is not a sob story I was just curious as how you could get so many emerald ORES that you can only get by mining not trading. Read my post properly before answering.
  8. You can get tons of emerald ore from "trading" on SMP1, thats rather normal.. You see... On EMC we have a shop system based on sign local-data that will allow the player to trade rupees for items at any given player residence, at a fixed priced set by the residence owner..

    That, my friend, is called trading.

    He's not.
  9. happy how much you paying for wood
  10. what price do u BUY villager eggs?
    Also i m working on stone, cobble stone and sandstone :D
  11. There's always Fortune and silk touch picks. I'm not an expert as to whether this can be a combo for one pick but when you can get multiples out of one ore with a Fortune then that's a pretty smart thing to do. If there is a such thing as a Fortune and Silk touch pick them Viola, mine many ores. Also people selling/trading them.

    Trade is also
    1. the act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail, within a country or between countries: domestic trade; foreign trade.
    2. a purchase or sale; business deal or transaction.
    3. an exchange of items, usually without payment of money.
    4. any occupation pursued as a business or livelihood.
    5. some line of skilled manual or mechanical work; craft: the trade of a carpenter; printer's trade.

    And so on. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/trade?s=t
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  12. PandasEatRamen, I know that trading can also be buying or selling but it is clearer to say buying or selling rather than trading, as it is also used to refer to villager trading and I don't need a dictionary of definitions for trading, I know English. You also didn't read my other posts where I stated where you could get emerald ore through MINING. Again, read all my posts before answering.
  13. This is getting really off topic.... Happy, How much of those materials do you need now?
  14. Amen.
  15. How did you trade before villagers came out? With other players right? On multiplayer servers you normally sell/trade stuff with other, NOT only villagers gosh.

    [EDIT] And you don't need to hack to get emerald ores, Extreme hills biome ARE full with emerald ores. I got abit over 1stack by 1hour mining trip
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  16. 85r a stack...
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  17. All of them, I also need a TON of glass at 1783....
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  18. Alright, I've cleaned up this thread. Let's keep arguments constructive (both parties).
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  19. Retracted, Just seen moose's post, its ok when a mod does it and then posts, but recently posts been going missing with no explanation :)
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